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A bottle of wine and

a large cheese pizza for $25!


Goodfellas Cafe & Winery has a full line of reds and whites that will meet your tastes. Choose from classics or try one of our fruit-infused wines.

Sit Back and Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Rosso Seco

    House Blend Cab/ Merlot

Wine List (Reds)

Rosso Grande

    House Amerone Style

Fruit Wines (Reds)


Blushing Strawberry

    Strawberry Zinfandel

fruit rack Wine rtack

Pinot  Noir

    Heavy Oak, Classic Finish


    Light Oak, Light Finish


    No Oak, Medium Body


    Light Oak, Full Body


    Light Color, Dry Finish


    Heavy Ash Oak, Dry Finish

Red Zinfandel

    Heavy Oak, High Tannins

Orange Seville Seduction

    Orange Sangria

Blackberry Mel-lo

    Blackberry Merlot

Cranberry Crimson

    Cranberry Chianti

Ruby Red Black Cherry

    Black Cherry Pinot Noir

Blueberry Razz

    Blueberry Shiraz

Reese’s Strawberry

    Strawberry Riesling

Gwertsee’s Green Apple

   Green Apple Gewurztraminer

Kiwi Melon Bianco

    Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio

Peach Passion Blanc

    Peach Chardonnay

Pinot Grigio

    Light Oak, Smooth Finish


    Light Finish

Bianco Seco

    Sauv Blanc/Chard Blend


    Sweet start, Dry Smooth Finish

Wine Making Process

Vintners Fee includes–$99.99

    Personalized Wine Making Class booked for your time schedule.

    Use of our fermentation, racking, & bottling equipment.

    Custom vinyl labels for you and your wine, corks, & shrink seals of your choosing.


Wine Kits– $89.99 - $199.99

    See our list of available kits.


Bottles– $67.20 – You can bring in your own clean, label-free bottles as well....

    28 750ml

    56 375ml

    112 187ml



Step one- Fermentation

    Starting Fermentation takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the wine your making. Depending on the wine will determine the fermentation time. Some wines are 3 weeks, some are 6-8 weeks.


Step 2- Racking & Clearing

    This takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. During this process we stabilize the wine. end the fermentation process and clear the wine. We let this sit for about 4-8 weeks for blending & clearing. This is the time to think about your label if you haven't already. We start to design and put together the label so it will be ready the day of bottling. Pictures, logos, etc. can be scanned, e-mailed, or downloaded.


Step 3- Bottling

    This takes about an hour & a half.. We will help you fill, cork, shrink seal, and label your bottles. Kits yield approx 28 bottles of premium wine, ready for gift-giving, personal consumption or to store in a private collection. We are an on premises micro winery.


Our store also caters to the Home Wine Maker. Equipment, clearing, processing aids, oak, & kits are all available here or we can order it for you.


Making wine at home is a fun hobby with a delicious end product.


Use our equipment to work with you to produce your favorite wine.


Call or email us to book our appointment

(941) 922-9470